The right to education

In many countries of the world, children are not able to attend school because of poverty. UNICEF have published a book stating that around 123 million children are not able to attend school, even if it were free, because their families do not have enough to eat and cannot be burdened with the smallest of expenses.
All these children who have never attended school become “illiterate”, they will never know how to read nor write, they will never learn a trade well, only to remain in a state of poverty. In Italy it is legally compulsory to attend school, the right to education is decreed by our Constitution. But, what good is a RIGHT that is recognised, if it does not match our DUTY to learn???
Following this simple observation we have come to understood the well-known phrase that “a right is just another face of duty.” We now know that in many countries in the world children’s rights are not, for various reasons, respected. This leaves us with another task: that of doing all we can because things can improve. Perhaps a little fund raising like the one for “A Christmas dress” or to take part in a demonstration to bring it to the attention of the heads of State or the making of a “Rag-doll”… but never getting fed up, never giving up, convinced that we are on the right road. Taking care of these matters is important knowing that they will always be a step forward towards children’s rights.
In the last few years, Italian schools have come to closely meet other cultures, an intercultural laboratory. We have heard about a legislative proposal in which school Principals would have had to tell on their students whose parents had no legitimate stay permits: these children would perhaps ceased to be “kids” immediately? As a consequence their rights to education would not have been violated? Luckily the proposal was not entertained. We have a DUTY to keep ourselves informed and reflect on everything that happens around us. Education teaches us important values such as equality, tolerance and peace.

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