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Italy, a multiethnic country

It’s been sometime now that Italy has become a multiethnic country: becoming an Italian citizen doesn’t mean changing your own culture or your own character, on the contrary: you must respect your national identity and keep loving your own country even coming into contact with new and completely different realities. Although it’s important for an immigrant to become an Italian citizen to not feel excluded by everyone and everything. On this subject we have the example of a student in our school that tells us: “feeling like an Italian citizen in all ways is important for me because since I have been in my new country I met lots of new friends who never made me feel excluded.
When I still lived in Peru I was enrolled in the “Saco Oliveros” school. I had just finished grade three when I moved to Italy. This event was a little rough on me because I didn’t understand Italian and it was very painful to have to leave my family and practically having to start my life over. I felt lost and trapped in my own world. It was difficult to get used to a school environment with completely different habits. In Peru every other day (on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays) we went to school at 7:00 am. We sang Peru’s national anthem. There was not a lunch service. School finished at 2:00 pm and we went home. The hardest thing about moving to Italy was the fact that I couldn’t see and hug my relatives anymore. Luckily last summer we went to Peru on vacation and that was the best gift. When we had to go back to Italy I was heart broken. I couldn’t say goodbye. I wanted them to keep hugging me and to stay there a while longer.
The thing I can’t complain about is that in Italy I found true friends. I laugh and have fun with them and my best friends were always there for me, even in the hardest moments. That’s why I admire them so much. they’re the friends I see from Monday to Friday at school. Finally I feel at home, because both in Italy and in Peru I have true friends.

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